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NEW RESEARCH: A guide to creating Good Days at Work

We’ve analysed hundreds of thousands of pieces of data to understand exactly what it means to have a Good Day at Work, how more Good Days contribute to business performance – and how to go about creating more of them for your employees.

You'll discover...

  • What exactly happens on a Good Day at Work – so you can recognise what is needed for your employees
  • The far-reaching business benefits that Good Days at Work deliver: encompassing everything from job satisfaction levels to how prevalent presenteeism will be
  • An overview of how you go about creating more Good Days at Work, the influence of individual personalities and the work environment and how they interact with each other
  • And finally, how to think about building sustainable capability that will deliver more Good Days at Work, plus our ‘Top Tips’ to get you started

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"As we re-enter the workplace everyone – employees and their employers alike – will feel the tension between national and local guidelines. While on shifting sands, we need to pay attention to the things that don’t change: the foundations of wellbeing and resilience. This means truly understanding how to create more Good Days at Work for everyone."


From employee surveys to training and everything in between, our team of Wellbeing Specialists is here to help.