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Cary Cooper

Professor Sir Cary Cooper

Founder of Robertson Cooper

Co-founder of Robertson Cooper, Cary set up the business with Ivan Robertson in 1999. 50th Anniversary Professor of Organisational Psychology and Health at the Alliance Manchester Business School, he is recognised as a world leading expert on wellbeing.

Cary is past President of Relate, Clinical Advisor to Anxiety UK, President of the Institute of Welfare, Immediate Past President of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, and past President of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. He was also the founding editor-in-chief of the Journal of Organizational Behavior and Editor of the Blackwell Encyclopedia of Management.

Cary is the media’s first choice for comment on workplace issues. He has published over 250 books including The Healthy Workforce, Remote Workplace Culture, Wellbeing at Work, Cambridge Companion to Presenteeism at Work, and 300 scholarly articles. He received a CBE from the Queen in 2001 and was Knighted for his contribution to the social sciences by the Queen in 2014.

The Origin of Robertson Cooper: Pioneering Workplace Wellbeing

In 1999, Professors Ivan Robertson and Sir Cary Cooper co-founded Robertson Cooper with a bold vision in mind. At that time, the concept of wellbeing and mental health in the workplace was still in its infancy, with limited attention given to this critical aspect of employee experience. Recognising the importance of addressing wellbeing in organisations, the founders set out to bridge the gap between academic research and practical application.

Drawing upon their extensive expertise and research conducted at the University of Manchester and beyond, Robertson and Cooper aimed to transform workplaces by developing scientifically sound and validated products. Their vision went beyond traditional consulting models that relied solely on providing advice and services. Instead, they envisioned a new approach—one that would integrate psychological research findings into practical solutions, revolutionising how organisations approach employee wellbeing.

In addition to their commitment to advancing workplace wellbeing, Robertson and Cooper also sought to create opportunities for graduate students from the University of Manchester to apply their skills as practitioners. Over the years, Robertson Cooper has served as a launchpad for numerous Manchester graduates, providing them with valuable work experiences and allowing them to contribute to the field of workplace wellbeing.

With their pioneering spirit and dedication to making a tangible impact, Professors Ivan Robertson and Sir Cary Cooper laid the foundation for Robertson Cooper, setting the stage for the company’s ongoing mission to transform workplaces and foster a culture of wellbeing.