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Ben Moss

Ben Moss

Managing Director at Robertson Cooper

Ben’s journey at Robertson Cooper began in 2001 when he joined as a Business Psychologist, bringing his specialised skills in occupational psychology to the organisation. His expertise and dedication soon led him to assume the role of Product Development Psychologist, where he played a key role in designing various products, including the original ASSET, our renowned measure of wellbeing and engagement.

Recognising Ben’s exceptional talent, he was appointed as the Product Development and Marketing Manager. In this capacity, he focused on aligning product development with market needs, ensuring that Robertson Cooper’s offerings met the evolving demands of clients and customers.

In 2007, Ben took on the pivotal role of Director of Business Development and Marketing, entrusted with building a high-performing team capable of promoting the company’s services and fostering long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with clients. His visionary leadership and strategic approach led to remarkable success in expanding the company’s reach and impact.

Building on his achievements, Ben assumed the position of Managing Director in April 2010, driving the growth and advancement of Robertson Cooper to new heights. As the Managing Director, he provides leadership, sets the strategic direction, and holds board-level responsibility for business development. Ben collaborates with our dedicated team, external partners, and investors to shape a promising future for the company.

Ben’s deep understanding of occupational psychology, combined with his strong business acumen, enables him to effectively connect with the market, forge valuable partnerships, and engage with the wider community. With his unwavering commitment to excellence, he drives Robertson Cooper forward, ensuring that our services and solutions remain at the forefront of positive workplace transformation.

Through Ben’s visionary leadership, Robertson Cooper continues to thrive as a leading force in leveraging occupational psychology to enhance employee wellbeing, engagement, and organisational success.