At Robertson Cooper, we’re interested in creating more Good Days at Work for employees and organisations, both through our direct client work and our thought leadership research.

Why? because our research consistently shows that when employees are having more Good Days at Work, they are more productive, more creative more likely to recommend their organisation as a place to work. See our ‘What is a Good Day at Work?’ report. It’s a win-win situation, and we’re proud to have helped hundreds of organisations reap the benefits of creating Good Days at Work.

A new angle

Whilst we already know that there are many things organisations and managers can do to foster the right environment for employees to experience Good Days at Work, the latest research by our Founders, Ivan Robertson and Cary Cooper takes a look at an interesting new angle on the issue.

We were keen for this research to look beyond factors traditionally acknowledged to play a part in shaping Good Days at Work

Professor Ivan Robertson, Founding Director, Robertson Cooper

The research was motivated by a desire to understand more about the role individual personality plays in influencing the number of Good Days at Work a person will experience.

The results

A sample of 3,262 people completed a ‘Five Factor Model’ personality questionnaire (see below) and also reported on the number of Good Days at Work they felt that they experienced in a typical working week. The results show that the number of Good Days at Work people experience is strongly linked to certain facets of personality.