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Energy Management


Energy Management Training

This energy management training programme is designed to help your employees pay attention to, and be in control of, their own energy levels.

Exhaustion and fatigue are common complaints in today’s demanding work environments, so it’s little wonder that many of us report consistently depleted energy levels. Starting with the basics of human wellbeing, we bring together the key aspects of energy management to give your people the tools they need to bring the energy back.

Enquire today about energy management training or download our training pack below.

Training delivery options

60 Minute Broadcast

A lively kick-start to help your people proactively manage their energy levels.

  • Understand the four key pillars of energy management (sleep, nutrition, movement and emotional regulation) and their potential impact on mental health and wellbeing
  • Challenged to think about their commitment to their own wellbeing habits and increased awareness of the support offered by their employer

90 Minute Virtual Workshop

A personalised approach, designed to help your people make changes that will maximise their available energy levels and make performance sustainable.

  • Challenged to examine their own habits across the four key pillars of energy and to make changes to improve their mental health and wellbeing
  • Control is put firmly in their hands, helping them to make a commitment to maximising their energy levels for the long-term
  • Takeaways include actionable tips and techniques from the wellbeing science

Face to Face

We know that there are times when only in-person training and support will do. Face-to-face training for small groups is available for our Energy Management programme.

  • Packed with exploration and discussion alongside practical tips and techniques
  • Full day or half day workshops available
  • Enquire today to discuss your requirements


“The session managed to balance really specific, personal insight whilst keeping the whole group engaged and interested. Everyone felt comfortable to share and we were pushed to be honest and self-reflective, which was very positive - focusing on our own individual areas for development and the practical tips for improving these.”


“I need to remember to question if I am looking after myself too. As a line manager I tend to forget about me and just focus on looking out for my team. The course reminded me that we all need to be energised before we do anything - and actually I will be better able to support my team if I am more energised and resilient myself.”


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