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Managing Your Impact


Leadership Style Training

Our leadership style training understands the critical role of managers in nurturing strong employee engagement and wellbeing. This Managing Your Impact workshop is designed to arm managers with the self-knowledge they need to ensure they are influencing wellbeing in a positive way – and not pushing their teams to burnout or rust-out.

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Training delivery options

90 Minute Virtual Workshop

Support your managers to get the balance of challenge and support in their teams right and drive optimal wellbeing:

  • Discover their personal style and how that plays out in pressure for their team – is the climate set for burnout or rust-out?
  • Uncover their strengths when it comes to wellbeing for their teams, and ensure they continue effort into what they do well
  • Identify the risks their style presents in terms of impact on the wellbeing of their team – and learn how to flex and mitigate their influence positively
  • Set wellbeing on the agenda and understand their role when it comes to team wellbeing
  • Understand their management peers and their styles, enabling a more collaborative decision-making process
  • Includes the Leadership Impact report for all delegates

Face to Face

We know that there are times when only in-person training and support will do. Face-to-face training for small groups is available for our Managing Your Impact programme.

  • Packed with exploration and discussion alongside practical tips and techniques
  • Full day or half day workshops available
  • Enquire today to discuss your requirements


“I need to remember to question if I am looking after myself too. As a line manager I tend to forget about me and just focus on looking out for my team. The course reminded me that we all need to be energised before we do anything - and actually I will be better able to support my team if I am more energised and resilient myself.”


“The session managed to balance really specific, personal insight whilst keeping the whole group engaged and interested. Everyone felt comfortable to share and we were pushed to be honest and self-reflective, which was very positive - focusing on our own individual areas for development and the practical tips for improving these.”


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