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Personal Wellbeing Snapshot reports are sent instantly to every employee who completes the wellbeing survey

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This is no run-of-the-mill survey. We don’t believe in encouraging employees to invest their time in considered responses only to get nothing in return. Instead, we know that everyone has a stake in creating their own Good Days at Work, so as soon as they complete the online questionnaire, every participant receives a personalised report. This Wellbeing Snapshot report provides each individual with research-backed insight into the factors helping or hindering their positive mental health and wellbeing.

Because we understand that good workplace wellbeing should be a partnership between employer and employee, the report promotes the development of personal empowerment and can be customised to signpost whatever support services you already have in place.

"It's opened my eyes to certain things and made me realise what I'm struggling with and the things I've been brushing under the carpet. There were a lot of tips to make small changes that'll lead to bigger changes in my life, both inside and outside of work."


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