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Personal Wellbeing Reports

Unlocking Personal Insights: Discover the Power of Wellbeing Reports

At Robertson Cooper, we go beyond traditional employee health and wellbeing measurement. What sets us apart is our commitment to providing personal reports that empower individuals to take action. We believe that wellbeing is a deeply personal journey, one that drives individual growth and positively impacts both work and personal life. Click on the images below to view a sample report.

Wellbeing Snapshot

Immediate Personalised Feedback:

A cornerstone of our measurement solutions is the delivery of immediate personalised reports for employees. We understand the frustrations employees often face, such as feeling unheard or waiting weeks for feedback. With Wellbeing Snapshot, individuals gain valuable insights into their own wellbeing and its impact on their work and personal life. The report offers feedback on resilience, workplace pressures, psychological wellbeing, and more. On the final page, we tailor the report to your organisation, providing signposts to the support services already available for employee wellbeing.

You can learn more about Wellbeing Snapshot here.

Team Talk

Empowering Managers with Actionable Insights:

Our Team Talk reports are specifically designed for intact teams, equipping managers with meaningful data and feedback on various aspects covered in the Good Day at Work questionnaire, including workplace pressures across The 6 Essentials and levels of physical and psychological health. The report provides context and a practical narrative, guiding managers through the data step-by-step. Its primary objective is to enable managers to engage in data-informed wellbeing conversations with their teams. By authentically embedding behavioral shifts, real cultural change can be achieved.

Good Day at Work Pulse

Encouraging Employee Engagement:

To enhance survey engagement, we can provide each employee with a personal Good Day at Work report, inviting them to invest in their own progress. This report serves as a valuable temperature check of employee satisfaction or a tool to measure progress over time. The report establishes a psychological contract between employees and employers, fostering joint responsibility for employee wellbeing.

With our comprehensive wellbeing measurement solutions and personal reports, you can unlock the potential of individual growth, team empowerment, and cultural transformation.


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