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The 4 areas of resilienceOnce we reach adulthood, our personalities remain relatively stable. However, our levels of resilience can vary considerably. Fortunately, everyone has the ability to build and maintain their levels of resilience. That’s why we created i-resilience! The i-resilience report and online resources are the first set of integrated resilience tools available that are completely free to use, both for you and your entire organisation. Using our validated personality questionnaire and based on the responses, the i-resilience report reveals which of the four key components users naturally draw on for resilience - confidence, adaptability, purposefulness and the need for social support.

How does it work?

i-resilience provides a comprehensive understanding of personal resilience and gives examples of how this could impact on users responses to demanding work situations. The personal i-resilience report allows users to build on existing areas of strength, and also allows them to manage any potential areas of risk. The i-resilience portal then allows users to develop their resilience in line with the results of their report.

How can you get started?

Free for individuals

Before you take our free i-resilience survey, you will need to sign-up to Good Day At Work – a free, online community where individuals, professionals and experts can connect and be inspired by wellbeing. By signing up to Good Day at Work, we’ll be able to send your results from the i-resilience report directly to your email address. You’ll also then have unlimited access to a wealth of free online resources designed to help you learn more about your resilience, your personal wellbeing, and how you can be happier and healthier at work.


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With powerful evidence to show that improving personal resilience leads to increased business success in challenging areas such as sales and retention, providing your employees with access to i-resilience, allows them the chance to develop skills that will help them in their work and personal life.

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