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Becky Baines

Becky Baines

Business Psychologist at Robertson Cooper

Becky’s journey began in customer service, administrative, and management roles, where she aspired to create thriving work environments for her team. Inspired by this goal, Becky pursued a Psychology degree through the Open University, achieving distinction in her Organisational Psychology Masters in 2020, earning accolades for outstanding dissertation performance and overall excellence in the programme.

Becky’s career path led her into human resources and consultancy roles focused on diversity and inclusion. Here, she contributed significantly to fostering inclusive cultures through impactful interventions in learning and development, research initiatives, and the creation of inclusive processes. Committed to supporting mental health, Becky volunteered with a local mental health charity, facilitating group sessions for individuals recovering from anxiety and depression.

Now, Becky leverages her expertise as a Business Psychologist to support organisations using Robertson Cooper’s Good Day at Work platform. Her goal is to provide valuable insights that systematically embed wellbeing, fostering environments conducive to more good days at work.