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Jane Hopkinson

Jane Hopkinson

Associate at Robertson Cooper

Jane is an esteemed Associate at Robertson Cooper, renowned for her expertise in organisational culture, health, safety, and wellbeing. With a focus on a holistic, multidimensional approach, Jane excels in advising and supporting clients to assess and enhance their wellbeing, health and safety performance, and cultural maturity.

Jane brings a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience to Robertson Cooper, coupled with exceptional communication and facilitation skills. This allows her to collaborate seamlessly with clients, from CEOs to employees, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the enablers and challenges faced by organisations in health, safety, and wellbeing.

Prior to joining Robertson Cooper, Jane held the position of senior psychologist for the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) until 2022, contributing 17 years of dedicated service. During her tenure, she conducted extensive research, provided expert advice, and delivered training on various occupational health and safety topics, including organisational culture, behaviour change, stress management, and leadership. Jane is a qualified trainer and a seasoned speaker, regularly sharing her insights at conferences and events worldwide.