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3 reasons why conversation is important

At Robertson Cooper, we’re all about “the conversation”. We love to discuss new ideas, revisit old ones and spark a bit of lively discussion. We think it keeps things interesting. But not only that, conversation is really important for our wellbeing. Here are a few reasons that even the most introverted among us should seek out someone to talk to at some point every day.

Good things come in small packages

Even small talk is good for your wellbeing. A 2010 study by the University of Michigan found that passing the time of day with colleagues in the kitchen can improve our cognitive functions in the same way brain-teasing exercises do.

Small talk makes us better problem-solvers. So chatting about the delightful weather with Susan in accounts, or recounting your weekend to Bobby from marketing could actually be as beneficial as doing a cross-word.

We’re not infallible

Take a leaf out of 19th-century philosopher, John Stuart Mill’s book. By opening ourselves up to discussion of new ideas and opinions – even ones that we disagree with – we get a deeper understanding of topics and issues that we might otherwise take for granted.

Information shared through conversation could change our points of view, or validate our original stance. We can’t be right about everything all the time. Conversation reminds us of this.

Social support

Conversation gives you social support. Whether you talk to your friends, colleagues and family members for information-sharing, advice-giving, or just to vent, this process helps you put things in perspective which helps build your resilience and cope better when things don’t go to plan.