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Vikkie Buxton-Cope

Vikkie Buxton-Cope

Director at Robertson Cooper

Vikkie is a valued Director at Robertson Cooper, whose visionary approach and dynamic leadership have been instrumental in driving the growth and ongoing success of our organisation since she joined us in 2007. With her strategic insights and unwavering commitment, she has built and developed our dedicated team, truly transforming our journey by expanding our client reach, and positioning us at the forefront of the ever-evolving corporate wellbeing space.

As Director, Vikkie’s influence can be seen in the development of our flagship offering, ‘Good Day at Work.’ She played a transformative role in shaping our brand, as well as the strategic proposition that underpins it. Vikkie is passionate about championing and promoting our Good Day at Work message and has been a driving force behind Good Day at Work being recognised as a leading thought leadership and event brand within the thriving wellbeing marketplace. Her visionary approach and dedication have firmly established our organisation as a trusted authority, shaping the discourse on workplace wellbeing.

A trusted partner to our key accounts, Vikkie brings her exceptional skills in nurturing and developing relationships. She designs tailored solutions to support clients on their strategic wellbeing journey and connects them with like-minded organisations within our extensive Good Day at Work client network. Through strategic programs, Vikkie has collaborated with long-term client accounts, delivering measurable improvements in key business measures such as retention, productivity, and employee advocacy.

With over a decade of experience on the leadership team, Vikkie has played a vital role in significant milestones, including the recent acquisition of Robertson Cooper by handl Group. Her current focus lies in providing strategic direction to further expand our client portfolio and develop wider distribution channels. Vikkie’s passion lies in creating more Good Days at Work for everyone, everywhere, and she is dedicated to driving positive change.